Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Art Ball

As a little birthday celebration for me, and as a feigned attempt at being cultured, we attended the Springville Art Ball together with our friends, Jack and Sausha Christensen. There, dressed in our formal apparel, we paraded about nibbling eclairs and sipping water with a hint of lemon, extrapolating about the symbolica and profound meaning of the art. From oil-on-canvas to bronze-cast statues, we mingled with the Utah elite, dazzling many with our extensive knowledge of the humanities.

After our fine dining experience and stroll through the many galleries, we gathered in the main auditorium in hopes of taking home one of the coveted door prizes. Unfortunately, there were only 4 prizes given away, and I had not given a large enough tip to the door man in order to have my ticket considered in the ultimate drawing. So instead, we stepped out into the enchanted garden courtyard where we danced together under the stars, amidst the spring flowers, the gleaming waterfall, and picturesque statues. Finally, as the evening waned, we slowly made our way home through the cool, summer night.