Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snowshoe Take 2

Hello faithful blog followers. Apparently nothing over the last month of our lives has merited a new blog post. Its kind of depressing to think that our daily actions have become such an endless drudgery of work and minutia. But alas, we were able to escape the confining confines of our homes to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Big Cottonwood Canyon near Guardsman Pass.

We went snowshoeing again, although this time we were accompanied by some new friends in our ward, Nate and Ashley Long. Hence, the nicer picture instead of the usual hold-the camera-as-far-as-you-can-from-our-faces-while-trying-to-take-a-decent-though-usually-skewed-headshot.

The snow was fairly deep as well due to the storm we had on Friday. It was probably four feet deep, although with the snowshoes, we probably only sunk down 1-2 feet. Even when we were on more groomed trails, however, Tiffani still struggled to stay on her feet. I wondered if she was sober at times. Anyhow, the deep snow proved to be quite a workout, but also a refreshing experience to get lost in the untouched expanse of winter beauty.