Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hip Hip Hooray! I made it!
For those of you who weren't aware, I graduated from BYU three weeks ago or so. I've been enjoying the freedom so much since then that I'm just now updating the blog. Thanks to everyone, family, friends, in-laws, etc. that helped and supported me through the years.

It was a double treat for me as well because Tiffani and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary that weekend as well. Rather than drive home Thursday after Commencement, we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast up Provo Canyon in the little town of Midway at at place called Johnson's Mill. We'd recommend it to anyone else needing a romantic getaway. The next day, everyone came down for the Marriott School graduation. Unfortunately, I think the Marriott School has the largest graduating class of all the colleges (around 1,200 I think). So we had to endure an hour and a half of reading names before I walked across the stage, posed with the Dean for a picture, and got my diploma case. That was enough for me. Once I got that thing, we were out of there. We headed to Texas Roadhouse for a celebration dinner. The food and company was fantastic and I even got a free dessert for graduating, although I had to ride the saddle-on-a-stool before they would give it to me. Thanks again everybody!