Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Showers

We have been thoroughly spoiled by friends and family. Thank you to all my co-workers at Sunset Ridge for the shower at work. A big thanks goes out to Will's mom, Selma and sisters, who threw a really nice shower just after Christmas for the baby. I was able to see some of my old Young Women leaders as well as relatives. We received a lot of really nice gifts. Baby Cole has more clothes than I do now.  Here's a picture with the sisters and Jenifer and Sue Morris, a great friend of the family and an old neighbor/Young Women leader.
 Sausha and Karrie Christensen came. I loved the picture Sausha picked out for the nursery.
 The Andersen cousins gave us some cute little outfits and some very appropriate BYU slippers.
 Thank you to Grandma Sally, Aunt Kathy, and Heather Butterfield for the family shower. We played lots of fun games and ate delicious food--I love shrimp! Thanks, Selma, for the breast pump!
Thanks to Tara Carpenter for opening her home to us. I loved the baby pictionary. It was quite amusing. I had so much fun seeing all my friends! A special thanks to college buddies, Jill and Elise, for making time to come get to know all my friends from childhood and teenage-hood. I have beautiful, funny friends. It was so good to see you guys!
Lastly, Thanks Kirstie Lovell for putting together a ward shower. (Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.) The food was delicious and I really enjoyed chatting and getting to know all the ladies in our ward. Everyone has been so supportive. We are excited for Cole to come and enjoy all the generous gifts you guys gave us.

Holiday Festivities

Will and I celebrated Christmas by kicking it off with a visit to Mom down in Provo on Thursday as well as Christmas Eve. We watched Elf and decorated sugar cookies. Then, we went to my dad's house for a gourmet meal prepared by master chef, Jenifer. We enjoyed crescent rolls, prime rib, couscous salad, spinach salad, broccoli, and a delicious drink. (It was pretty memorable if I can remember most of what we ate a month later.) We really enjoyed seeing the family. Justin and I are pictured above comparing our bellies. After dinner, Blake, Jasmine, Bentley, and Ana joined us for presents. We were all thoroughly spoiled.

 This is before we ate the amazing feast.
 Poor Bentley was teething and running a fever. Christmas day we celebrated with Will's family. We had fun opening presents, playing games, and competing in a Ping Pong tournament. To kick off the New Year, Will and I went hiking up Yellow Fork Canyon in the Oquirrh mountains. It was a nice stroll for a pregnant lady, and it was good to get outside and burn some of that rich holiday food off.
 Two belly shots in one post--I'm making up for all the other months.
 The snow was pretty packed down. I went snowshoeing two weeks before, but you didn't really need them. We went as far as we could on the trail before we started to really sink in.