Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Cliffs Notes Version of Summer

Although our summer was incredibly busy with both Will and I working full time, we managed to go on a couple summer adventures. On our first expedition, we set out to bike the course that the participants take for the pioneer trek. What started off as a four-mile ride turned into twenty-four miles of varied terrain, four of which were fraught with snow.

After the grueling climb up the hill we were encouraged by the lush greenery, so we kept going despite some warnings from some ATV enthusiasts.

And we trudged through the snow for two hours, just thinking that it would dissipate around the next bend. Overall, it was an amazing feat and we had sore bottoms and wet shoes to show for it.

Our next major snow adventure occurred over the fourth of July. Will and I decided to embark on his first backpacking trip. We chose a route in the Tetons that would take us by Green Lake. We never made it to the lake because snow disguised the trail.

Well, this whole time we were living in Tetonia, Idaho at the base of the Tetons. We had our own little cabin and were always surrounded by nature and we loved out time at Badger Creek!