Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can't Touch This

I figured that I had better write about our sports activities while we are still in the limelight. The couple featured above is BYU's most threatening up-and-coming amateur racquetball players. With their deadly kill shots and devilish backhands, they are a lethal combination. Records indicate that the Lehmitz Lovers have only suffered one defeat thus far and are headed for the championship round. Tonight's match was a hard-fought battle. In the second set, Tiffani Lehmitz returned a line-drive serve, solidly connecting with the ball, but ignominiously rolling her ankle. Despite the injury, Tiffani hobbled through the next match and the Lehmitz Lovers finished the tie-breaking set, winning by a solid seven points. Updates will be forthcoming regarding the championship.
Will Lehmitz, featured above, is also on of the star players of the Utah Jazz of BYU intramurals. He's campaigning for "The Sixth Man of the Year" award with his phenomenal game-changing performance coming off the bench. Recently the Jazz have terminated Lindy Lou, (name has been changed to protect the actual identity) the "Team Mom" and rumor has it that Tiffani Lehmitz is being considered for the position.
The Jazz are 3-1 with their most notable victory occurring this past Saturday. With a 79-29 blowout against the T-Wolves. Their star line-up is featured below. For more in depth coverage, see their facebook website, the Utah Jazz of BYU Intramurals, for a game-by-game analysis.

Top Row: Andrew Jenkins, Brad Norman, Bryson McCleary, Mike Williams
Bottom Row: Will Lehmitz, Marc Harrison, Devin Knight Barrett
Along with racquetball, Will and Tiffani are also playing on a soccer team. Currently the 99th Ward's standing are two wins and one tie. The rest of the season looks promising as their last game resulted in a 6-0 victory.
Tiffani's Relief Society basketball team's record is prodigious as well, with six wins and one loss they are headed into the Stake tournament tomorrow. Will is also playing on the Elder's Quorum basketball team. He is their leading scorer, dropping eggs in the basket as if it were Easter time.
During the off-hours, Tiffani is training for the St. George marathon in the fall. Hopefully the recent ankle injury won't hinder any upcoming runs, matches, or games.

Monday, February 9, 2009

California, California, Here We Come

This last week Tif and I headed out to sunny San Diego, together with our friends Jack and Sausha Christensen. Since Jack's dad was nice enough to let us use his hybrid Toyota, we proudly adopted the name Team Prius for our traveling expedition. For me, the trip was like a journey through a fairy tale fantasy land, since it had been around 14 years since my last visit to California. And I took it all in...
I had my first experience with In-n-Out Burger in St. George. Mighty fine cookin'. If Jack would have had his way, we would have eaten there for every meal, but the ladyfolk's wisdom prevailed on that issue. Las Vegas is quite an interesting city, very shiny anyway. Nevada sure is ugly though (at least that part of I-15). After Vegas, we stopped in Primm to fill up on gas. Maybe it's just me, but Terrible's just doesn't seem like the best name for your hotel/casino; but what do I know. I took over driving from there, and navigated the busier freeways in California until we reached our destination--San Diego.
Luckily our friends the Wankier's had gotten some free time share and allowed us to stay with them, which I suppose was a little for comfy than the back seat. I'll have to figure out when the next time-share meeting is to see if we can get some wining-and-dining treatment to try and get us to buy a vacation package.
Unfortunately, the reason we were in California was for my mission president, Jim Weipert's funeral. He passed away after a four month struggle against an advanced lymphatic cancer. It was wonderful to see so many of his missionaries at his funeral and to realize how loved and respected he was as a man. I know that he was definitely powerful influence on my life. He helped me to understand my locus of control--that is, helped me to realize that with the Lord's help, all things are possible if I put forth my greatest effort. He also taught us about accountability and getting things done, no matter what. No hay excusas. President Weipert was a spiritual icon for so many of us missionaries on a personal level and he will be missed. But, he also taught us to be spiritually self-reliant, and so even now that he is gone, we can all continue moving forward in the work that he was so dedicated to. His wife, Sister Weipert was such an example as well, a true stalwart considering her situation. I'm glad we could be there to attend the funeral and support the Weipert family.
But, what better way to get over the sadness of a funeral than to enjoy the 75 degree weather on the beach. It was awesome. We played in the waves, laid in the sand, chased the gulls, and even built a sandcastle. It wasn't just any sandcastle either. It was an architectual masterpiece, a diorama of the feudal ages. We also got to visit with Grandma Sally and Aunt LeAnn, Tiffani's relatives that are vacationing as snowbirds for the winter. Unfortunately, the day only last so long, and soon dusk came and we went home. Featured below, we have Jack and Sausha, Captains of Team Prius, then the Lehmitz's in their beach togas, and finally, the ocean at sunset.
We headed out Sunday morning, stopping for Church in San Bernandino. It was a splendid trip, and I must say, California is quite beautiful. What I really liked about San Diego were the green hills that rolled on for miles. And even though San Diego is a large metropolitan area, the hills give it a smaller, more intimate feel. The weather and the sights were great--I hope we can head back soon.
The drive back seemed to take forever, but traveling with Jack and Sausha was quite enjoyable. We've already decided that our children will get married so we can continue our friendship forever,
But, I can't finish this post without giving a shout out to Beaver, Utah. We stopped there to get gas and so that Jack could show us his grandparents house where he created so many of his childhood memories. We got to create some of our own, however, when we stopped for dinner at the local Wendy's. I call it the incestuous Wendy's, because most of the workers looked like products of an inbred relationship. One guy imparticular was kind of creepy, having his head shaved except his greasy ponytail poking out the back. It took like 20 minutes to get our food (there were only like 3 customers in the store). And lastly, as we went to leave, we got to witness an employee wrestling match right outside the men's bathroom. If you ask me, not the ideal place to be on the floor, much less when you're working. But hey, we're in Beaver, and when in Beaver...
So that was our California adventure. It was super.