Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lake Blanche

To train for King's Peak, we took my dad hiking up Lake Blanche one Saturday in July. Previously, Will's only experience with Lake Blanche was snowshoeing in a storm. Needless to say, this time when we reached the top, he was actually able to tell where the lake was and he enjoyed his experience much more. 
Dromedary Peak above Lake Blanche.
Look at that beautiful reflection!
Cole is happy and fed, there's nothing like nursing on a rock.
Not the greatest camera angle, but at least we're all in the picture.

Photo Journal Summer Hiking Adventures

Avenue Twin Peaks--First hike of the summer with hiking group and Bff, Megan
Jack's Mountain with hiking group
Mill B North Overlook with hiking group
On the way to the overlook
Yellowfork with family
Megan, Ana, Jasmin, Sarah, and Cole
Bentley is a happy hiker
Awww... Cole and Sarah snuggling
Esther knows how to share
Snacktime up Yellowfork with Sausha and Esther
Walking at Lake Mary, one of the several Brighton Lakes
Cole and Esther braving the wind--Esther is doing much better
Lake Martha of Brighton Lakes
Lake Catherine--notice Cole and Esther gazing at each other. They are betrothed.