Monday, January 23, 2012

Cherries and Raspberries

Some Native American tribes believed strongly in the connection between mother and child that comes through the placenta. To honor this connection, Native Americans would bury the placenta and then plant a tree or perennial over-top so that the child would always be able to find his/her way home. 
My aunt and uncle embraced this tradition when Sarah, their first child was born, and planted a cherry tree in the yard. We reaped the fruit of the harvest while we were up there. 
Everyone enjoyed picking cherries. Joe was especially good at finding all the ripe ones and eating them.

 With our bountiful harvest, Uncle Gary made Grandma Ruby's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream, by far the best I have ever tasted! The secret ingredient, sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar. 
 Matt and his brother were standing on a limb of the tree and it broke away, leaving basically half of the tree naked. Here, Mindy is examining the fallen branch.
 Will says I always steal kisses from Cole, but I maintain that I pay in full by changing many poopie diapers.
 We were fortunate enough to be able to pick raspberries at Brian and Dixie's too. 
 Cole helped with some supervision. 
 Just enjoying the wind. 

Pioneer Day and Rodeo

While we were in Montana, we took a nice little stroll by a stream near the golf course. 
Here Cole is awkwardly sandwiched against my bosom.
I like this close-up of grass Sarah took.
The big sky of Montana is captured in a pond. 
We also visited the historic Eureka village at the entrance to town. Eureka was a huge logging town for quite some time. In recent years, however, many logging companies have gone out of business due to restrictions on the industry. 
We celebrated Pioneer Day at the local LDS branch with some of the Henderson clan. We are authentically sullen. Top row: Matt Sieler, Brad Linnell, Gary Henderson, Tifilia Henderson, Sarah Boren, Me, Will (holding Cole); Bottom row: Faith Sieler, Sarah Quilling, Dixie Linnell, Moshe Henderson. Kids in front: Tessa Sieler, Emil Quilling, and Joe Sieler
Joe Sieler (Faith and Matt's little boy) is just enjoying his ice cream. 
He was very excited for the rodeo and dressed up to show his support. 
Everyone is excited to see some cowboys get bucked off. 
Sarah is such an adorable Mommy. 
Cowboy Cole. 
We traveled all the way up to Montana so Will could experience his first rodeo. He may be a farmer, but he is not a cowboy. The general consensus was the rodeo was neat, but they needed more bucking broncos and less barrel racers to make it shorter and more enjoyable. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Road Trip to Montana and Baby Baths

 This summer, we took a nice road trip to Eureka, MT to visit the Henderson cousins. My sister, Sarah, came along for the ride and the good company. She was great at entertaining Cole in the backseat. But, if memory serves me right, Will was actually in the back at this time and Cole is laughing at him headbanging to music.
 Some beautiful pictures on the way up to Eureka.
 Sarah was the photographer in this one. Great use of the "rule of thirds" principle.
 We stopped in Kalispell to visit Aunt Lee Anne and Jenny.
 Cole in the Henderson bathtub. I remember cousin baths with Emily in that same tub growing up. (Pre-pubescent, of course!)
Cousin Sarah with baby Emil and Cole with Daddy post-bath.
Both babies sucking on Sarah's fingers.

Independence Day in Alton

Cole ventured down to the little town of Alton, Utah to celebrate Independence Day with the Andersen Family. He made his debut in the annual fun run. Cole looks really excited after his victory. Will and I pushed him two miles into town. The first mile was all uphill and I felt like an old grandma pushing the stroller. Thankfully, the stroller propelled us forward in the second mile since it was all downhill. The Lehmitz family ended up in first place and we were awarded a Camelback!
Here is the happy family sitting on Grandpa Andersen's train. We took a nice little private tour around the town.
Cole with Great-Grandpa Andersrn.
We love going down to Alton for the fourth of July! It's great to participate in all the small town festivities.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sibling Weddings

 Jessica and David Pratt kicked off the wedding season in May. They were married in the Oquirrh Mountain temple. We're very happy Jess has found someone who shares in her love of Star Wars and Nintendo. David seems like a great match for her in many other ways. He is a pretty easy-going, friendly guy who wants the best for Jess. The wedding turned out beautiful. We were a little scared because of the pouring rain before the sealing, but we had a nice cloud break and there were no need for umbrellas.

The sisters looking all cutesy.
Cole decided he was done taking pictures and just passed out.
 The bridesmaids trying to look sassy. Jess decided to follow in our footsteps and have the reception at Le Jardin.After the wedding, the newlyweds fled from Utah to live in Seattle. We miss them, but hope to make it up there soon for a visit.

 In July, Will's sister, Becky, was sealed to Sam Knotts in the Draper Temple. Here they are celebrating with Cole on their big day. In a couple of years, they'll be holding a little one of their own.
 All the siblings looking as happy as can be.
 The boys in their role as protectors. I guess they didn't do a very good job because Sam got her anyways.

I am enjoying having another in-law in the bunch. We still remain the most popular, but that definitely can be attributed to Cole. We're glad that Becky has found someone who makes her happy.
Blake decided to make it official in August with Lilia Jasmin Henriquez. We are so happy that Jasmin is part of our family on paper. They had a beautiful wedding at the Woods on Ninth. Jasmin did a great job decorating and the food was delicious! They spent days slaving away making tamales. Jasmin continues to make us laugh and is very good for Blake.
 We're glad that Jasmin came with Ana. She is such a spunky little girl, full of enthusiasm and energy. In this picture she is looking unusually docile and coy.
 You can't really see Bentley's mow-hawk in this picture, it kind of blends in with the background. Until recently, that was his trademark. Bentley is such a cute little boy. We're so happy to have him in our family. He has a passion for Elmo and loves to play with Cole. 

Ewww... kissing. Will and I do it best, but we don't like to publicize it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cole's Summer Collection

Cole visiting his name sake Great Uncle's grave site in West Jordan, UT on Memorial Day.

Hanging out in Mom and Dad's bed.

Eating toes on the changing table.

First time eating rice cereal.

Hanging out with Dad.

SecurityMetrics Summer Party

My company hosts two big parties a year. For the summer party, they rented out the Veteran's Memorial Pool in Provo, brought in some caterers and have a big pool party. I entered the boggle competition to win $500, but I had a disappointing performance and lost in the first round.

This was also Cole's first swimming experience, although he thought the water was too cold to be much fun.