Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lehmitz Family in Boulder

If you've read our blog before, you already know all of the details about Boulder, and many of you have even been there with us. So I'll spare you all of the details and just create a quick photo montage of our latest trip with the Lehmitz family over Thanksgiving weekend.

Who is that bad-mother-shut-your-mouth?

I just had to include this picture (above) We found this little cave among some large fallen boulders. The entrance is a little small though, and this picture just reminded me of an oversized birth.
Hickman Bridge in Capitol Reef

The Family

Typical men.
Tiffani starring as Mogli

Calf Creek canyon in all its fall-colored glory

The Family at Calf Creek Falls. We had to trick Mom into going on the hike, but we were glad she made it there and back safely, even if we had to carry her the last mile back to the car.

Bell's Canyon

This is actually going to be a retroactive post. For some reason, we forgot to put up these pictures, even though we did this hike in early fall, some three months ago. But, I thought the pictures were encapsulating and just couldn't go by unnoticed by our loyal blog audience, so I decided to make a quick post to take you on a tour of Bells Canyon. If you're unfamiliar with it, its the canyon that makes up the northern side of Lone Peak, the largest and southernmost peak in Salt Lake county, Utah. It starts off as a pretty easy hike up to a small reservoir that's part of Sandy City's water shed. The leafs were all starting to change and the scenery was quite beautiful. But you can keep going up the canyon, that is, if you can find the trail.

Tiffani and I actually lost it a little bit, and ended up following the stream that flows into the reservoir until we found a bridge farther up the trail.

Then we followed what we thought was the trail, but soon we realized that there were forks in the trail which had other forks farther along. So, we just kept heading in the direction we knew were were supposed to be going, not really knowing where "our" trail was going to lead. Our ultimate goal was to find the waterfall that's up the canyon. But after hiking for a couple of hours, half of it through a new layer of snow, and getting pretty high up the mountain, we decided to turn around so we could get back before dark.

But we did take a picture at the summit of our adventure.
Eventually, almost through sheer dumb luck, we decided to take another small trail that led off of the main one, and lo and behold, we stumbled upon the elusive waterfall. It was actually very pretty, nestled back in a wooded ravine, engulfed with the colors of autumn.

But such adventures are part of an average day in the life of Tiffani, the goddess of the great outdoors.