Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday Bash at the Cabin

For my birthday, I wanted a little weekend get-away to the cabin. Will happily aquiesced to my request. We invited our good friends, Jack and Sausha, to experience the joy of Boulder.
We went to all the best places. Hell's Backbone was our first stop. It's a rickety bridge that spans a deep canyon, used by travelers from Escalante to Boulder until Highway 12 was built. I am trying to coerce Will out of his fear of heights by making him climb on cliffs with me. Will is second-guessing why he came out onto the ledge with me. On the way up to the bridge, the washboard gravel did us in and we lost a hubcap on our car. So the ride down consisted of "Eye Spy" but we were all looking for the same object. Will spotted something to the side of the road, Jack, Will, and I piled out of the car and ran towards the shiny object. Unfortunately, it was a Pontiac's lost hubcap. The search was futile.
After Hell's Backbone, we went on a little stroll to Calf Creek Falls- another popular tourist destination. The view never gets old.
Jack and Sausha at our picnic spot near the falls.
At "The Crevice", Jack pretended to be Mogli on a dead tree. These are a couple of graceful pictures of him. Just a side note, he was about five feet off the ground. Other highlights from the trip included: Team Lehmitz beating Team Christensen at Scrabble, Sausha's hot chocolate, and watching Lars and the Real Girl. If you're in the mood for a black comedy, we highly recommend this sunsational should-have-been blockbuster hit. Hooray for friends and birthday weekends at the cabin.