Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Badger Creek 2008

For all of you who don't know what Badger Creek is, let me explain. It is the outdoor learning center of BYU-Idaho. Kids and families sign up to use the facilities which include high ropes courses, horseback riding, canoeing, rafting, as well as spiritual instruction from the staff. So, it's similar to EFY, although with more outdoor adventures involved.
This is the dangling duo. You have to climb up a 40 ft. ladder without using the cables on the side. All you can us is your partner.

Our Cozy Little Log Home

We even got our own little cabin in the woods. Of course, like our families love to rehearse, we also lived in a tiny one room cabin with only bunk beds for a week and a half. It was definitely an interesting time, especially for two newlyweds.
But apart from that, Tif and I took full advantage of our time there to work and play. Tif worked as the Program Director for Badger Creek and I got a job with Three Peaks Plumbing, Inc., where I worked mostly in Driggs on the Colter Building.

This is the lovely Colter Building where I spent my summer. Featured in the front is little ol' Debertito, my working compadre.

But, when we weren't working, we were enjoying all of the activities offered by the camp and playing with the staff.

You probably didn't know i was so skilled with wild beasts. I kept him tied up while I was riding just to make sure nobody around me got hurt.

My wife even made me try and tackle my fear of heights. Unfortunately, they still scare me to death, although a feel a lot safer being in a harness.

Anyway, summer was awesome!!