Monday, June 21, 2010


May is a busy month with Grandma Sally's birthday, Will's, my mom's, my sister Megan's, and Darryl's (Will's dad's birthday). Here are a couple pictures from some of the celebrations. Will was spoiled with surprise tickets to a REAL Salt Lake game. Our friends, James and Tara, and little Ava-Kate accompanied us. The next day,  we went to eat at Tucanos with his best friend Andrew, and his wife Kate. Later that weekend, Will's family made him a special dinner. 

For Darryl's birthday, we had a good ole' fashioned barbecue on Memorial Day. Here's a lovely picture of him sporting his new ties we got him. Will wanted him to look sharp on the stand since he was recently called as Bishop.

Cruising P-Town

Right before we headed to California, I took the opportunity to spend a lovely day with my dear friend, Elise. No matter how much time has passed between our visits, we can just pick right up where we left off.  We biked the Provo River Parkway to Utah Lake, chatting non-stop. (Unfortunately, we only remembered to take pictures of our adventure after we had already gotten off the trail. Hence, the neighborhood photo shots.) After our exercise, we came back to Elise's quaint house and ate delicious curry. Since I loved it so much, we took a stroll to the Asian market to buy the ingredients. Unfortunately, my excitement over curry took over my logical rationale. I fixed it for Will that night... and was eating curry leftovers the next day. Curry for three meals in a row is enough curry for me for three months. Hopefully, I will get my appetite back. After our walk, Ryan came over to sit in the parlor and sip lemonade with us. I had a grand time hearing about his adventures in the past and those yet to come. Hooray for friends!