Monday, March 9, 2009

Touched This

Will and Tif ended their dramatic racquetball career with a resounding defeat. They put up a noble fight against Dowman and Willmore, losing the first set 14 to 15 and the second set 11 to 15. They battled bad-attitudes as well as wicked backhands. The male opponent struggled to put on a happy face when the Lehmi'tz's were ahead. Despite the nasty glares, and under-the-breath comments, Will and Tiffani managed to have a good time and were pleased with their performance.
As far as basketball goes, the Jazz walked away with another victory under their belts, winning their last game by a margin of 16 points, with no subs. Elder's Quorum basketball finished their first regional game this last Saturday and are continuing on in the tournament, and Tiffani's Relief Society team won a double-header this past Friday. Thursday's game will determine if they will go into the Region tournament as first or second seed.
Will and Tiffani are saddened to report a loss for their soccer team, 3-1. After their goalie was taken down by an opposing player, the ref awarded a pk to the other team, resulting in a non-deserving point. Nonetheless, the 99th ward's standings were affected by this loss and the team will be playing in the upcoming tournament.