Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Will's family leases their land for "The Crazy Corn Maze" during the month of October. They also run the "Pumpkin Patch" right by the maze. To earn a little bit of extra mullah, we worked there a bit. Cole came down to visit me one day while I was manning the patch.
He loved standing up in the wagon. 
Dirt and leaves, oh the curiosities of a midget. 
Our flower child.

Having fun in the back of the truck.
I just love the giant head and little legs.

Temple Quarry with Cousins

Near the end of October, we took a stroll up Little Cottonwood to view the leaves. The Temple Quarry Trail had been shut down for about a year for maintenance, so it was nice to enjoy it again. Here is my brother, Blake, showing off his muscles by carrying his two children, Bentley and Ana. 
Ana, Jasmin, Bentley, and Blake
I just love autumn. The leaves are so brilliant. Being up the canyon to enjoy them made me so happy!
As usual, Cole is passed out. The gentle movement in the carrier eventually puts him to sleep.
After the hike, Cole and Bentley decide to show their cousinly affection. Nothing says "I love you" like an open-mouthed kiss!
Ana and Cole sitting on a rock, not kissing.
Grandma Keri and Cole.
I think I look rather mischevious in this picture. I probably said something sarcastic and witty that sent Cole into a laughing fit. He has quite a sophisticated sense of humor.
This is my favorite. . . picture and son.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The New Jared Green Family

Congratulations Jared and Haley! We are happy for you both. This was the first live wedding Tif and I had been to at the Jordan River Temple.
Cole and I decided to celebrate by wearing coordinated outfits.

Cole's Helmet Head

As many of you know, baby Cole got a flat spot on his head due to his neck being overly tight on one side. To correct this we went through several sessions of physical therapy, but ultimately we had to get a little plastic helmet for our baby spaceman.
Here is a picture from before where you can see that the left side of his head was flat
Cole did not enjoy the casting process for his helmet.
Here is little Buzz Lightyear
And, the final product four months later!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


 We arrrggg the pirates who don't do anything, and this is are monkey. 
Appearances are deceiving. Cole really didn't like his monkey costume, but everyone else thought he was cute. 
Will really looks like Shaun White turned pirate. I definitely do not approve of him growing out his hair. 
For Will's work party, they have costume contests. We borrowed this awesome Lego costume made by our friends, Linnea and Jeff, in hopes of winning some cash. Sadly, Will was a runner-up.

Cabin with Dallin and Kelli

 At the beginning of October, we took Will's cousin, Dallin, and his wife, Kelli, down to the cabin for the weekend. We had a great time hanging out, hiking, and playing games. 
Will and Cole on the steps of the restored school house that my great-grandmother went to in Torrey. 
The leaves were beautiful on the way to Calf Creek Falls. 
Yet another picture in front of the falls. 
Peeking through at Devil's Garden. 
The lovely newly-weds. 
I love my little helmet-head--Cole, not Will. I love Will too. 
Just contemplating the eternities and meditating on a rock. 
The view out from the crevice, one of my favorite places on the Burr Trail.
Mamma and child in the birthing tree.

Bell Canyon with Babies

Cole in his carrier, getting stoked for a hike up Bell Canyon with friends. 
The watershed reservoir.
Some of my best buds, Elise and Sausha, and little Esther (hidden behind Sausha in the backpack)
Just after the feeding. This hike was more about the journey than the destination. The kiddos just tend to get bored after so many hours in a backpack.