Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Big "One"

We had a great birthday bash for Cole over at our house to celebrate his first birthday. Both sides of the family came to enjoy the festivities. We were nice and cozy in our tiny living room, but we were grateful for all the relatives that came to celebrate Cole's life. I had fun putting together a slideshow and banner for the first year of his life. We also took a little quiz to see who knows Cole the best. Cole was thoroughly spoiled by all, and really enjoyed opening his presents.
This is Cole the day before his birthday, giving kisses. Now, unfortunately, if I ask for kisses, he just gives me his cheek. He no longer gives them, he just receives. 
Cole's uncles and aunt enjoying their food. 
The theme for the party was "construction" or rather, "destruction." Sterling was the only one that actually took the challenge and constructed something out of his food. 
The cake was very rich, Devils food with caramel frosting and oreos. Talk about a sugar overload!
The birthday boy in his hardhat. 
Cole tried to grab the candle on his cake, but we helped him blow it out before he burnt himself. He needed a little prodding to grab some of the cake and eat it, so his Uncle Michael smashed Cole's hand into it, and the rest is history.
Messy, messy! Cole had a bath immediately after.
Happy after a belly-full of sugar. 
It looks like Uncle Sam and Aunt Rebecca are more excited about Cole's presents than he is. 
Colster with Cousin Ana, Aunt Jasmin, and Cousin Bentley.

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