Sunday, May 6, 2012

Winter in March

We finally got a dumping of snow, just when we were excited for Spring. Cole played in wonderment until he tripped in his too large snow boots and face-planted. 
 In the afternoon, we took him sledding for the first time and he wasn't too keen on the idea. The snow in the face was still fresh on his mind from the morning.
 And then Granny Lehmitz decided to pull him up the hill on the sled, resulting in Cole falling off and face-planting once again. 
 Notice Sterling is the smiling one, Cole is a little terrified in all the pictures. 
 Everyone decided to bury Grandma and Cole sat upon this live snow woman.
 Then his uncles and aunt decided to bury Cole. He tolerated it for some time and then decided he was finished. Better luck next year with Cole liking snow.

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